International Students

SSC recognises that it can be hard for students to be away from home, living and studying in a different country.  Our Pastoral Care and Welfare Officer takes the lead in ensuring that you settle well into your new life in Swansea, and that you are happy in your homestay.  We help you to register with the doctor, dentist, library, open a bank account and show you around our small but beautiful city.

SSC is a family and we spend time socialising as well as studying. We organise fun evenings every half term for students, their host families, and staff, from barbecues on the beach to board games evenings. Each term you'll have a trip to an adventure park or a site of historic importance in Wales.

You can learn new sports on Wednesday afternoons and if you already play a sport, we can help you to join a local sport team.  Swansea is the proud home of Swansea Harriers , one of the best athletics teams in the UK.


Wales has a long, dazzling history of music.  A local poet, Brian Harris, once wrote
"To be born in Wales, 
Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,  
But, with music in your blood
And with poetry in your soul,
Is a privilege indeed”

Music is in the blood of the Welsh.  In most small towns and villages we have male voice choirs, children’s choirs, brass bands, orchestras and more. If you play a musical instrument - or want to learn one - we can arrange private tuition for you with local, qualified instructors (additional fees for this may apply) and if you love to perform, we will support you if you wish to join a local choir, orchestra, band or theatre group.

About Swansea

Swansea is a small city - more of a large town, really - and it has a very friendly feel.  Students are always amazed by how easy it is to get around, you can walk pretty much everywhere!  The award-winning beaches of the Gower are a short bus ride away.  Despite the weather (yes, it does rain quite a bit!), Swansea is an outdoors place, with walks and horse riding facilities and outdoor pursuits (climbing, abseiling, coasteering and so much more).   

We are only a few hours by train from London, so if you have friends or family you want to visit in the capital, or elsewhere in the country, it will be quick and easy to reach them (as long as they meet you at the train station!)

You will never feel like an outsider in Swansea, because Welsh people are known for their friendliness and warmth.  When you get off the bus, you may hear your fellow passengers thanking the driver with phrases like "Cheers, Drive" or "Ta, Drive".  Why not try it out yourself?!


SSC recognises the importance of personal faith in our own lives and the lives of our students.  Whatever your religion, in Swansea you will find a group of fellow believers with whom you can meet.  We have Christian churches of all denominations, both Sunni and Shia Mosques, a Buddhist Temple, Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls, a Mormon Temple, a Hindu Temple, and a Jewish Synagogue.


Wales has its own language Welsh but everyone speaks English too.  Here are some Welsh phrases for you to try out: 




How are you?
I’m fine, thanks
Da iawn, diolch
(“die-yawn di-yolkh”)
What's your name?
Beth ydy dy enw di?
(“beth uh-di di enoo di”)
My name is...
... dwi / ... ydw i
(“dwee” / “uh-doo wi”)
Where are you from?
O ble wyt ti'n dod?
(“oh blay oow teen dowd”)
I'm from ...
Dw i'n dod o ...
(“du-ween dowd o”)
Good morning
Bore da
Good afternoon
Prynhawn da
(“prin-hawn dar”)
Good evening
Noswaith dda
(“nos-waith thar”)
Good night
Nos da
(“nos dar”)
Hwyl / Hwyl fawr / Tara
(“hoy-yul” / “ hoy-yul va-wr” / “tara”)


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