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Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each step of the way as they progress through the curriculum.
Eye Level English is based on the state standards for English Language Arts. The program guides students in the mastery of reading and writing skills through a systematic and incremental learning approach that fosters self-directed learners.
We will be holding an information day soon.  Please email us at office@sscwales.com to be sent further information.

What to expect when you come to Eye Level

Diagnostic test

When you come on the first day, you will sit Eye Level's diagnostic test.  This is nothing to worry about!  All we want to know is what you currently can do, so we can start you on the right level in the programme for you.  You will take your test with your Eye Level coach.  Please don't worry if you see him or her writing notes while you are taking your test, this is just to help us to ensure we get you on the right level first time.

Your level

So, once we have your diagnostic test score, we will place you on the best level for you to start Eye Level's unique programme.  You may feel that the level we put you on is easy, but don't worry!  This is to make sure your foundations are firm before we move you on to the tougher stuff.


Keep going...!

Eye Level classes are twice a week, for 50 minutes each time.  You will receive some time one-to-one with you coach every week, and you will also complete your booklets. You will receive on average one booklet for homework per week, as well as being automatically assigned online homework, available through the Eye Level online portal. If you cannot attend twice a week, you can have one lesson a week and double the homework.

Day Time Start Time Finish
Monday 5.00 pm 6:30 pm
Thursday 5.00 pm 6:30 pm

Home educated students class

Day Time Start Time Finish
Monday 12.00 pm 1.00 pm


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