Exam Centre

Our examination-based services have enabled students from across the UK and overseas to achieve GCSEs, IGCSEs International A levels and A levels.

Our aim is to help students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances to achieve recognised qualifications in the subject/s of their choice.

We offer a wide variety of GCSE, IGCSE and A level subjects, including a large number of Modern Foreign Languages. 

Exams Officer: examsofficer@sscwales.com


Coursework, NEA's and Practicals  

Where a NEA/course work is required, centre staff will set this up and this generally involves multiple meetings
with your subject tutor, a supervised work period (controlled assessment). 
A study plan will be set, as long as you adhere to the study plan then your tutor can verify and authenticate your work.

We can offer a wide range of exams from History to Computer Science exam, with course work to practical onscreen exams.

Science Practical Endorsements 

In guidelines with the subject specification, we will carry out 12 Science Practicals for the A level Science Practical Endorsement (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) for Pearson and AQA.

We also offer Edexcel and AQA Sciences without the practical endorsement, however knowledge of practical techniques is tested as part of the written exams.  WJEC Science A level written exams are available as resits.

English Language and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

English language GCSE and MFL exams requires a speaking assessment. This usually is a short presentation, and a group discussion which is recorded, assessed and sent to the exam board for external marking.  If you are re-sitting the qualification, you can cash-in the Oracy component from previous exam series and take the written exams.  

We have developed our own English Language Assessment Programme to prepare students for the speaking assessment.

Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate provides learners with an opportunity to achieve:
National Skills Challenge Certificate / Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate / Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate, depending on your level.

The Skills Challenge Certificate consists of 4 components:

  • Individual Project (50%)
  • Enterprise and Employability Challenge (20%)
  • Global Citizen Challenge (15%)
  • Community Challenge (15%)

Access Arrangements

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, Swansea Sixth Form College will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with access needs.
Please contact the exams office for more details.

Candidates may be able to apply for extra time when taking an exam (usually 25%) or may require the use of a scribe or a computer.
This will be decided by JCQ and based on evidence supplied ahead of time. 

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