English Courses

Our English courses are designed to develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities and help you gain essential language skills that will help boost your confidence from day one.

From Beginners to Advanced courses available!

Please complete the application form if you are interested in studying at SSC.  

Download Application (pdf version)  once completed email to enquiries@sscwales.com 

Online Classes


Start End
Term 1 3rd September 2019 20th December 2019
Term 2 6th January 2020 3rd April 2020
Term 3 6th April 2020 3rd July 2020

General and IELTS Summer Course

Start Duration
1st June 2020 - 21st August 2020 12 Weeks


Course         per week
General English          £250
Academic English         £350
Enrolment fee         £160

English bespoke courses and one-to-one tuition

We recognise that sometimes you cannot come to our regular English classes.  We can therefore offer you the opportunity to study one-to-one or in a small group of friends with a qualified, experienced teacher.  

We can offer the following English courses on a one-to-one or in a small group.  If you cannot see the course you are looking for, get in touch and we will do our best to provide the course you need at a time that is mutually convenient!

  • Ladies-only English courses (all levels)
  • Citizenship English A1, A2 and B1 courses
  • General English – all levels
  • Academic or Business English
  • Subject specific English (e.g. English for engineering, English for nursing, etc)
  • IELTS or Trinity English Preparation Course – all levels
  • University Preparation Course
  • Many more!

Hourly rates depend on the number of hours booked.  Contact us for more details at office@sscwales.com .

Why choose SSC?

  • Easy to follow, structured courses
  • Learn essential speaking & listening and reading & writing skills
  • Get a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary
  • Start using practical English from day one.
  • Progress with regular tests, targets and personal learning plans
  • Fortnightly Tutor Meetings
  • Meetings every six weeks with Academic Manager
  • Lectures with Public Personalities and Business Leaders
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Regular Homework
  • Your own online student login
  • SSC Alumni

At higher levels we aim to foster skills that will allow you to work in an English-speaking environment with confidence in your language ability.

Our qualified and experienced teachers ensure that you strengthen your language by improving your ability to use English grammar. They will even help you develop your pronunciation to sound more natural and easier to understand.

We provide you with flexible, goal-orientated classes to ensure that progress can be made to any schedule. This ensures Swansea Sixth form College really is the best place to learn English.

Leisure Programme

At SSC, we believe don’t stop learning English when you leave the language classroom! We provide a variety of sports and leisure options on Wednesday afternoons to develop your physical and mental abilities and to give you the opportunity to practice your English outside of the classroom.

We have a wide ranging programme of sports and leisure to ensure that all students have the opportunity to extend existing skills and to learn new ones. Students are offered team sports, solitary sports, adventurous sports, creative activities and activities that those less physically active (for example, due to physical impairments) can take part in, learn from and enjoy.

Participation in the Leisure Programme is optional for all English courses students, and fees are applicable. If you are interested in taking part in the Wednesday afternoon Leisure Programme, please tick the box on the application form and we will send you more information about the fees.


Once a term, SSC will organise a whole-college (GCSE and A Level) outing to fun and/or educational sites in Wales and further afield. 


Autumn Term

Margam Park, including GoApe access

Spring Term

Outdoor pursuits day in the Brecon Beacons or Gower

Summer Term

Oakwood Adventure Park

If you wish to sign up for any of these trips, speak to Reception and we will provide you the dates and fees for each trip.

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